Physician Leadership Forum

The American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum (PLF) is a new way for physicians and hospitals to advance excellence in patient care. Through the Forum, the AHA will work more closely with the medical community to identify best practices and deliver value-based care. Participating physicians and hospitals will commit to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care delivery. The American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum also offers physicians a unique opportunity to participate in AHA policy and advocacy development process while preparing to collaboratively lead the hospitals of the future.

What's New

  • Blue Ribbon Panel Report: Governance of Physician Organizations 

    The latest Blue Ribbon Panel Report shares findings from a study of the governance structure and practices of physician organizations as they relate to clinical integration. It also includes information about other related structures, such as leadership councils and clinical program committees, that play an important role in creating and supporting new models of care delivery. To download the report, click here »

  • MGMA 2015 Business of Care Delivery Conference

    Is the challenge of providing better care, improving health and reducing costs burning you out? Many practice teams agree, and they’re seeking to build a new kind of healthcare system focused on integrated clinical and administrative teams working smarter – not harder. The MGMA 2015 Business of Care Delivery Conference, features an educational program showcasing innovative approaches to the business of care delivery. From Jeffrey Brenner, MD, and the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers’ “hotspotting” work to the deep-dive case studies on PCHM and Hospital at Home® care models, this year’s conference will turn theory into practice. For more information, or to register, click here »

  • Innovative Models of Care Delivery

    A new report from the AHA’s Physician Leadership Forum highlights two care models that ease transitions across the continuum of care: the Perioperative Surgical Home and Hospital at Home®. The report shares key insights from an educational session held in conjunction with the American Society of Anesthesiologists to address ways hospitals and health systems can work with physicians to improve care delivery. These two care models provide examples of disruptive innovation that embody the Triple Aim of improving health, improving patient experience and reducing cost. To download the toolkit, click here »