Geisinger Center for Professionalism and Provider Support

December 6, 2017

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During this webinar you will learn about Geisinger's journey to ameliorate stressors faced by health care workers by improving the provider experience. Dr. Collins and Monica McCarthy will discuss system and individual approaches to enhance the well-being and resiliency of providers. You will hear how the team conducted a comprehensive stakeholder and gap analysis to inform their efforts. Additionally, the speakers will provide an overview of how they are working to develop and implement programs to address key issues. Lessons learned along their journey and what Geisinger is doing to foster sustainable change in their organization will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how one health system is fostering culture change through alleviating systematic stressors that negatively impact providers.
  • Understand how a team-based approach can improve the provider experience, promote well-being, and reduce burnout.
  • Learn how to build system awareness about new initiatives to further collaborate, identify additional gaps, and mitigate duplicative efforts.