Surviving and Thriving in the New Commercial Environment

By 2018, one in three patients who walk through a hospital’s doors will be covered under a different insurance product than they are today, which they will have purchased through a channel that didn’t exist three years ago. These patients will have higher deductibles, higher copays, more cost and quality information, and higher expectations for the experience that their health system provides than ever before. They will also have more options than ever for where to receive care, from retailers to mobile apps to medical tourism providers around the globe. Changes happening in the commercial market require whole new ways of engaging with customers. This webinar will help participants understand the new expectations of payers, employers, and consumers, and what health systems can do to survive and thrive in the new environment.

Presenters Sam Glick, partner, Oliver Wyman and Niyum Gandhi, partner, Oliver Wyman, will share the disruptions coming to the health care environment and the view from hospitals and health systems as they begin to adapt to a new way to engage and deliver health care.