Using CME for Delivery System Improvement

As health care delivery reshapes, hospitals are using new and creative ways to engage with physicians to create a more integrated and seamless care system. Jim Burke, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer, Scottsdale Healthcare, will share their efforts to use continuing medical education (CME) offerings to align physicians across the health care system and to drive performance improvement.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how Scottsdale Healthcare is using CME to integrate with its physicians to improve care delivery;
  • Discover national trends regarding CME and physician engagement;
  • Identify existing professional gaps currently being addressed through CME;
  • Learn CME’s role in your institution’s process improvement.

About the Section for Metropolitan Hospitals:

met-hospitalsThe Section for Metropolitan Hospitals is a membership section comprised of metropolitan/urban, suburban, public, and teaching hospitals from across the country. The Section provides a unique blend of forum and network, linking hospital members with shared interests and missions, to advise AHA on policy and advocacy activities, and to discuss issues of importance to metropolitan hospitals.