AHA-AMGA Learning Collaborative – Clinical Integration: Pathway to Value

We are pleased to announce a call for participation for AHA or AMGA members to join a AHA-AMGA-Bannerlearning collaborative on managing population health and succeeding in the new physician payment models that take effect in 2019. As a current AHA or AMGA member, your organization is eligible for this exclusive program. The AHA-AMGA Learning Collaborative is a national-level comprehensive program that addresses critical success factors such as leadership, culture, structure, execution, alignment, risk, and transitioning to Alternative Payment Models (APMs). The collaborative will begin in April 2018 and end in June 2019. For more information download the program flyer.

Learning Objectives

Participation in the AHA-AMGA Learning Collaborative will provide your organization and physicians with the skills and information to move from a traditional model to a more organized, integrated system of care delivery for the purpose of managing population health.

Benefits of Participation Include:

  • Participate in the new Alternative Payment Models (APMs) or the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) required by 2019 due to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).
  • Access to educational programs, including regular monthly webinars with expert speakers, and four in-person meetings.
  • Build a business case for participation in a value-based payment contract or a plan for implementation of a program.
  • Learn best practices, optimize and standardize operational tips and tools, and utilize resources from other leading medical groups and health systems.
  • Learn successful approaches and tools from medical group and health system experts at various stages of integration.
  • Develop a successful culture that enables your organization to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Learn about leveraging IT to achieve transparency, eligibility, and performance management goals that align with new physician payment models.
  • Engage in roundtable discussions, networking, and project updates.
  • Cultivate a lifelong peer-learning network.

How Does the Collaborative Work?

Participating hospitals/health systems will be able to regularly network with peers and have the opportunity to learn and share best practices through:

  • Four in-person meetings
  • Monthly webinars
  • Online resources such as a dedicated website for participant material-sharing and a closed email community to facilitate group discussion
  • Consultation with experts in the field

Criteria for Participation

Participating hospitals/health systems must sign an agreement outlining the collaborative expectations below:

  • Identify two key participants to attend all four in-person meetings: one physician leader from medical group and one hospital/health system leader.
  • Identify CEO sponsor and approval.
  • Participate in webinars and meetings.
  • Create an implementation team at organization.
  • Submit periodic project updates.
  • Submit a write-up for the case study compendium.
  • Complete Collaborative project.
  • Have the ability to measure and track performance improvement.

Project Timeline



The application deadline has been extended to (5:30 pm, PT), October 27, 2017

1. Complete the AHA-AMGA Collaborative Application Template provided on www.amga.org/aha-amga(Font specifications: 11 Point Arial or Calibri)

  • Include the names of the two representatives and their roles, strengths, experience, and why they were selected.
  • Include an organizational profile that gives the reader an understanding of the size and scope of your organization without revealing your organization (250 word limit).
  • Provide answers for each of the 5 sections (500 word limit).

2. Applications will be evaluated in a blinded review process. Remove all provider and health system identifiers from the application, except for the cover sheet with the contact information.

  • Refer to people by title (not name).
  • Refer to your organization using words like “health system” or “organization” (recommend using the Word search-and-replace function to make sure your organization name and acronym do not appear in the document).
  • If you need to reference your city or state, use words like “city,” “area,” “region,” or “state” instead of the actual name.

3. Complete the provided cover sheet template and include:

  • Organization
  • Primary contact information (name, title, email, phone, address)
  • Sponsor signature (CEO) and contact information (name, title, email, phone, address)

4. Provide supporting information:

  • You are welcome to cite and label the supporting documents in an appendix. It is highly preferred that supporting documents are clearly labeled as “Appendix 1,” “Appendix 2,” etc. (Note: Remove all provider and clinic identifiers and logos).

5. Submit one electronic copy of the application to bsutter@amga.org by close of business (5:30 pm, PT), October 27, 2017.