Rhe AHA's Physician Alliance presents complimentary webinars highlighting issues of importance to physicians. The webinars cover a broad range of topics including quality and patient safety, team leadership, system redesign, and the implications of health care reform.

Upcoming Webinars

AMGA-AHA: Care Redesign and Quality Improvement

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET (3:00 pm CT)

During this webinar, HealthPartners Medical Group's Beth Averbeck, M.D., senior medical director, primary care, will discuss their principles of care redesign-reliability, customization, access, and coordination-focusing on implementation examples and outcomes. Through their care redesign efforts, HealthPartners has achieved significant improvements in areas from mammography screening rates and hypertension control to staffing ratios and provider satisfaction.

This webinar was originally developed for participants in the AHA-AMGA Learning Fellowship: Creating Clinically Integrated Health System-Based Medical Groups. Dr. Averbeck serves as an advisor for our upcoming AHA-AMGA Learning Collaborative: Better Care Integration in an Era of Uncertainty, currently accepting applications. Register for the webinar here.


Featured Webinars

Improving Care for Hospitalized Adults with Substance Use Disorder

Nationally, opioid-related morbidity and mortality is skyrocketing. People with substance use disorder (SUD) have high rates of hospitalization, readmission, and long lengths of stay. Despite this, many are not engaged in addictions treatment. And frequently, hospitalization addresses the medical illness, but not the underlying cause, the SUD. During this webinar Dr. Honora Englander, Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Improving Addiction Care Team (IMPACT) at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), will discuss how she developed IMPACT through understanding local needs and engaging OHSU leadership and community partners. Dr. Englander will provide an overview of the program and describe how a team-based approach is helping to improve care for adults with SUD.

Leadership iconBuilding High-Value Care Bridges

In this presentation, Dr. Chris Moriates, Assistant Dean for Health Care Value – a first of its kind position at a medical school – describes emerging work at Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin and around the country to teach and engage trainees in health care value. Dr. Moriates highlights the importance of bridging educational and clinical environments and creating a high-value care culture. He introduces the brand new interactive and adaptive Dell Med Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) modules, which are freely available online for learners of all levels. Additionally, he describes tools developed at other institutions to integrate VBHC into training environments and to engage trainees in value improvement activities.

well beingGeisinger Center for Professionalism and Provider Support

During this webinar you will learn about Geisinger's journey to ameliorate stressors faced by health care workers by improving the provider experience. Dr. Collins and Monica McCarthy will discuss system and individual approaches to enhance the well-being and resiliency of providers. You will hear how the team conducted a comprehensive stakeholder and gap analysis to inform their efforts. Additionally, the speakers will provide an overview of how they are working to develop and implement programs to address key issues. Lessons learned along their journey and what Geisinger is doing to foster sustainable change in their organization will also be discussed.


Beyond Resilience: Making a Difference When it Matters Most

We all share the goal of working in an organization where people are engaged, the work is rewarding, and patients receive great care. But, we face more challenges than ever before. These days, it's easy to become discouraged and disengage. Dr. Dan Diamond knows first-hand how to get things done when times are tough and resources are scarce. He was the Director of the Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center after Katrina and he has responded to some of the most devastating international disasters of our time. His trench-tested insights will open your eyes to discover what it takes to face the challenges ahead.

Past Webinars

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