Taking Charge of Team-Based Care: Lessons Learned and Results Attained

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

As new payment and care delivery models emerge to meet the goals of the Triple Aim, the early adopters of team-based care have taken charge. Many have already dissolved traditional and cultural barriers; gained the newly required skills and transitioned away from their individual clinical practices to become members of dynamic care teams.

The move toward team-based care for these physician champions required fresh thinking such as a new appreciation for professionalism and collaboration across gifted health care professionals and understanding what their specific “top of license” contributions are within the team to deliver the best care for the patient.

This webinar will present a proven set of building blocks for a successful transition to team-based care as well as two case studies and some key skill sets required for success including some from outside the health care field. Specifically:

  • Structuring great teams
  • Harnessing group dynamics
  • Collaboration among professionals
  • Principles of interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Compensating health care professionals in team-based care