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AMA – AHA Joint Leadership Conference on New Models of Care

In October 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Hospital Association (AHA) came together to convene a Joint Leadership Conference on New Models of Care in collaboration with Health Affairs. This exclusive meeting brought together hospital and health system leaders, physician leaders, and government policymakers to expand the discussion of how care will be organized in the future to meet the goals of a more effective system.

The AMA – AHA Joint Leadership Conference focused on expanding the conversation on the need for greater physician-hospital alignment to achieve the Triple Aim and move toward a reformed system. The proceedings published as a result of the conference outline the key takeaways and illustrate ten different examples of care models focusing on the financing, operations and cultural considerations.

In addition to the proceedings, key themes from the program and the need for partnership between physicians and hospitals were highlighted in the April 17 Health Affairs blog post. To access the article, “We’ll Need a Bigger Boat: Reimagining the Hospital-Physician Partnership,” click here »

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